Are you looking for the best cream to powder foundation?

Don’t look any further – our top 5 cream to powder foundations will provide you with all-day coverage and a natural, velvety finish. The products are lightweight and won’t clog your pores or cause skin irritation.

It also provides excellent oil control, and long wearability and is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

These unique formulas go on creamy, blend easily into the skin and dry down throughout the day — so you don't have to worry about needing touch-ups!

Get that perfectly smooth base without worrying about caking or creasing. With these cream-to-powder formulations, enjoy a beautiful satin finish that stays comfortably in place no matter what kind of activities your day has in store!

Look flawless by enjoying this light yet supremely buildable effortless complexion perfection with just one swipe.

Check out recommendations now to find the perfect foundation match for you!

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How We Choose the Best Cream to Powder Foundation

Finding the right foundation is difficult and time-consuming. You’re overwhelmed by all the choices, unsure of which product is going to be best for you.

You don’t want to waste your money on a makeup product that isn’t going to work! Plus, you need something that can withstand a long day at work or an evening out on the town.

But fret not – we have done the hard work for you! We've tested hundreds of products and narrowed it down to just five: our Best Cream to Powder Foundations.

With these foundations, you can feel confident that your look will last all day!

Best For Long Lasting Coverage

M.A.C. Studio Fix Tech Cream-to-Powder Foundation

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Why We Love It

Looking for a foundation that's lightweight, sweat- and humidity-resistant, and that gives you a natural matte finish? Look no further than the Cream-to-Powder Foundation!

It's perfect for all skin types and provides medium coverage, ensuring that you look your best no matter what. This foundation doesn't feel heavy on your skin, so you'll be able to go about your day feeling light and comfortable.

Whether you're running errands, hitting the gym, or just hanging out with friends, this foundation will provide the coverage and confidence you need.

So, why wait? Add the Cream-to-Powder Foundation to your makeup routine now!

What You Should Know

Looking for a foundation that will stay put all day long? Look no further than this cream-to-powder wonder! Not only does it last up to 12 hours, but it won't cake or fade throughout the day.

Plus, the color stays true, so you won't have to worry about any dreaded makeup lines. Try it out for yourself and see the difference it makes in your daily routine!

Best For a Natural Look

Mary Kay Cream to Powder Foundation

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Why We Love It

Looking for a foundation that glides on smoothly and provides a natural-looking finish? Look no further than Mary Kay Cream to Powder Foundation.

Available in beige, this cream formula effortlessly transforms into a silky powder for a flawless complexion. The product is perfect for those who want to achieve a subtle, yet refined look.

It is easy to apply, and the built-in sponge ensures that the formula is distributed evenly. One of the best things about this product is that it is ideal for all skin types, making it a versatile addition to any makeup routine.

Trust us, you won't be disappointed with the Mary Kay Cream to Powder Foundation.

What You Should Know

Want a versatile foundation that blends seamlessly into your skin? Look no further than the cream and powder finish options of this tube-packaged product, perfect for all skin types.

Achieve a natural and flawless look without feeling weighed down or cakey.

With this foundation, you won't have to worry about matching your skin tone, as it effortlessly adapts to your unique complexion.

Have sensitive skin? No problem! The gentle formula ensures that you won't experience any irritation or breakouts.

Overall, this foundation is a must-try for anyone seeking a reliable and easy-to-use option for their everyday makeup routine.

Best For Uneven Skin Tone

Flori Roberts Cream to Powder Foundation

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Why We Love It

If you are struggling with spots and uneven skin tone, then the cream to powder foundation is the answer to all your makeup woes.

This magical product not only glides on smoothly to give you a flawless finish, but it also provides exceptional coverage for dark skin tones.

Say goodbye to days of worrying about your foundation looking too light or too dark, as this product blends into your skin seamlessly.

You'll be amazed at how easily it covers up those pesky spots and dark patches, giving you a bright and even complexion.

Ditch your old foundation and try this amazing cream to powder foundation, your new go-to choice for covering up everything!

What You Should Know

Choosing the right skincare products can be a daunting task, especially if you have no idea about your skin type! But hey, here's the good news - if you have an all-skin type, you have hit the jackpot.

Yes, you heard it right! An all-skin type is the most versatile of them all and can adapt to almost any product. And if you're looking for a matte finish, we've got you covered.

The jar of magical goodness is waiting to transform your complexion, leaving it velvety smooth and oh-so-gorgeous. So, why wait?

Say goodbye to that not-so-subtle shine and hello to a picture-perfect finish!

Best For A Goth Look

MANIC PANIC Goth White Cream To Powder Foundation

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Why We Love It

Looking for the perfect foundation that offers maximum coverage and a beautiful matte finish? Look no further than MANIC PANIC's Goth White Cream To Powder Foundation!

With a velvety consistency that glides on like a dream, this amazing product offers high pigment color that delivers full coverage for flawless-looking skin.

Plus, its unique formula transforms from a cream to a powder to give you that matte finish you love. Whether you're looking for a foundation for cosplay or want to make a bold statement with your makeup, this foundation is sure to become your go-to choice.

So, why wait? Try this fabulous foundation today and start looking your best!

What You Should Know

Do you want a versatile makeup product that won't harm animals or clog your pores? Look no further than this foundation! This makeup staple can be used in a variety of ways, making it a must-have for both Halloween makeup and everyday use.

Use it as a base for your favorite eyeshadows or as a full-coverage concealer under your face powder.

And if you're part of the goth, vampire, clown, mime, zombie, cosplay, theatrical, SFX, or professional makeup artist communities, you'll be pleased to know that this foundation is a favorite among your peers.

Plus, it's vegan, paraben-free, and non-comedogenic, so you can feel good about using it on your skin. And don't worry - this foundation has been tested on celebrities, not animals!

Best Easy to Apply Foundation

L.A. Colors Cream to Powder Foundation

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Why We Love It

Do you want to find a foundation that is easy to apply and gives a flawless finish? Look no further than the L.A. Colors Cream to Powder Foundation in the shade of Cappuccino!

The creamy formula glides onto the skin effortlessly and dries to a powder finish, leaving you with a smooth and natural-looking complexion all day.

Plus, the color Cappuccino is the perfect shade to enhance your natural beauty and give you a radiant glow.

Trust us, once you try this cream to powder foundation, you won't want to go back to anything else!

What You Should Know

This foundation effortlessly blends and delivers a powder finish. This gem comes in a handy tube for easy dispensing and glides on like a dream, providing buildable coverage that looks and feels natural.

The cream-to-powder formulation sets to a velvety matte finish, giving you a flawless complexion that lasts all day.

Plus, with a range of shades to choose from, it's easy to find your perfect match. Trust us, your skin will thank you if you apply cream foundation by L.A. Colors.

Best Cream to Powder Foundation - Buying Guide

Cream to powder foundation is a popular makeup product that is suitable for those with oily or combination skin. It offers the benefits of both cream and powder formulas, with a lightweight feel and buildable coverage.

However, with so many options available on the market, it can be challenging to choose the best cream to powder foundation for your needs.

Here are some tips to consider when selecting the best cream foundations that give a powdery finish:

Skin type

The first thing to consider when choosing any foundation is your skin type. If you have dry or mature skin, you may want to opt for a cream foundation instead of a cream to powder one.

However, if you have oily or combination skin, a cream to powder foundation can be an excellent option, as it can help control oil and shine.


Cream to powder foundations offer varying degrees of coverage. Some are more sheer and lightweight, while others offer full coverage.

Consider your skin concerns and the level of coverage you prefer when choosing a foundation.


Choosing the right shade is crucial for a natural and seamless look. It's essential to select a shade that matches your skin tone or is slightly lighter.

You can test the foundation on your jawline or the back of your hand to find the right match.


Cream to powder foundations come in different finishes, such as matte, dewy, or natural. Consider the finish you prefer and choose a foundation that offers that type of finish.


Some cream to powder foundations may contain ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin.

It's important to read the label and look for a foundation that is free from parabens, fragrances, sulfates, and other potentially harmful ingredients.

Brand reputation

Choose a reputable brand that has a track record of producing high-quality makeup products. You can read reviews online or ask for recommendations from friends or makeup professionals.

Choosing the best cream to powder foundation requires considering your skin type, coverage needs, shade, finish, ingredients, and brand reputation. You can choose one from our list and rest assured!

Best Cream to Powder Foundation FAQ

All foundations are not created equal. It can be hard to pick the right foundation that fits your needs.

You could spend hours combing through reviews or hours in a department store swatching foundations, only to find out that the one you picked just doesn't work for your skin type or tone.

The 5 Best Cream to Powder Foundations makes it easy for you. With reviews from real customers, this comprehensive list will help you find the perfect cream to powder foundation for your unique skin needs.

What does cream to powder foundation do?

Cream to powder full coverage foundation is a makeup product that starts as a cream and transforms into a powder finish when applied to the skin.

It offers buildable coverage that can be customized according to one's preferences. This foundation type is usually recommended for those with oily skin, as it helps control shine and minimize the appearance of pores.

Is cream or powder foundation better for older skin?

Both cream and powder foundations can work well for older skin, depending on the individual's skin type and concerns.

However, some experts suggest that cream foundations may be more suitable for dry or mature skin, as they tend to be more hydrating and provide a smoother finish with sheer coverage.

Is cream to powder better for mature skin?

Cream to powder foundation can be a good option for mature skin, as it offers the benefits of both cream and powder formulas.

It has a lightweight feel that glides smoothly onto the skin, without emphasizing fine lines or wrinkles. Moreover, it can help control oil and shine, which can be a concern for those with aging skin using liquid foundation.

What is the best use for powder foundation?

Powder foundation is best used for those with oily or combination skin, as it can help absorb excess oil and provide a matte finish.

It can also be used as a setting powder for liquid or cream foundations, or as a touch-up throughout the day to control shine. However, it may not be ideal for those with dry or mature skin, as it can accentuate dry patches or fine lines.

Best Cream to Powder Foundation For You

We hope that this review article has been helpful for you and has been informative in your search for the perfect cream to powder foundation.

After spending many hours researching and consulting customer reviews, we highly recommend these five products for a smooth and flawless finish.

Whether you have dry or oily skin, all these products are reliable and boast high satisfaction ratings among the thousands of reviewers who have tried them out.

Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is unique, so not every product will give the same results to everyone who uses it. Finally, with all that said, remember to enjoy yourself when shopping for makeup!

Have fun trying new looks and different products to help you find the ones that make you feel your most beautiful self!

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A trusted PharmaD, she combines health expertise with style for honest reviews. Member of Belle Beauties since '22, she loves history and testing cosmetics off-duty.

A trusted PharmaD, she combines health expertise with style for honest reviews. Member of Belle Beauties since '22, she loves history and testing cosmetics off-duty.