Have you been looking for a new way to get that perfect bronzed glow?

Introducing the wet n wild Bronzer Stick! Perfect for adding a subtle sun-kissed radiance to any look. The longwear, blendable formula is infused with nourishing moisturizers so you can achieve a natural bronzers without the worry of it caking or creasing your skin.

And no matter how many times you reapply, our lightweight stick won't ever feel heavy on your skin.

Get ready for compliments every time you use this bronzing stick! Whether it’s used as an all-over application or to highlight areas like cheekbones and jawlines, this product gives an easy and professional finish that will have everyone admiring your glowing complexion.

Grab Wet n Wild makeup stick contour today and start getting those gorgeous bronze angles now!

Features of Wet N Wild Bronzer Stick

Best Range of Bronzer Shades

Wet N Wild Bronzer Stick

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Enhance your natural beauty and embrace your radiant self with an insanely glowy complexion. Remember, makeup doesn't define you, but it does have the power to transform your mood and confidence. Stand tall, shine bright, and let your glow catch everyone's eye!

1. Versatile and Convenient

  • Multi-use: The Wet N Wild Bronzer Stick is a versatile product that can be used for various purposes such as concealing, highlighting, contouring, and adding a pop of color to the cheeks.
  • Portable: With its compact design, this bronzer stick is perfect to carry in your purse or pocket, making it convenient for touch-ups on the go.
  • Quick and Easy: Achieve catwalk-ready cheekbones, natural flushed cheeks, or a radiant complexion in just one swipe, saving you time and effort.

2. Precise Application

  • Controlled Design: The bronzer stick features an easy-to-control design, allowing for precise application without any mess or fuss.
  • Smooth and Blendable: The creamy texture of the bronzer stick due to jojoba seed oil ensures smooth and seamless blending, giving you a flawless finish.
  • Intense Pigmentation: The formula is highly pigmented, providing rich and vibrant color payoff with just a single stroke.

3. Range of Shades

  • Strobe: For a luminous and radiant glow, the strobe shade of the bronzer stick adds a soft shimmer to the skin.
  • Contour: Create definition and sculpted cheekbones with the contour shade, perfect for enhancing your facial features.
  • Conceal: The conceal shade offers coverage for any imperfections or blemishes, allowing for a flawless complexion.
  • Blush: Add a natural flush of color to your cheeks with the blush shade, giving you a healthy and youthful appearance.

Overall, the Wet N Wild Bronzer Stick is a must-have beauty essential for naturally flushed cheeks that combines versatility, convenience, and precision, making it effortless to achieve a flawless and camera-ready look anytime, anywhere.

Pros of Wet N Wild Bronzer Stick

  • Versatile multi-use product: conceals, highlights, contours, and adds cheek color.
  • Convenient for on-the-go touch-ups, fitting in purse or pocket.
  • Quick application for a camera-ready look in no time.
  • Multi-functional sticks offer value for various makeup steps in one product.
  • Precise application design for easy control and accuracy.
  • Available in different options: Strobe, Contour, Conceal, and Blush.
  • Budget-friendly option compared to purchasing separate products.
  • Suitable for those who enjoy a quick and efficient makeup routine.
  • Provides a wide range of looks from natural to more dramatic.

Cons of Wet N Wild Bronzer Stick

  • Limited shade range might not cater to all skin tones.
  • Formula quality could vary, potentially affecting blendability and longevity.
  • May require practice to master the art of multi-use application.
  • Sticks might run out faster if used frequently for different purposes.
  • Concealer and contour shades might not match individual skin tones perfectly.
  • Achieving precise application might be challenging for beginners.
  • Not ideal for those seeking a highly specialized or customized makeup routine.

Comparison of Wet N Wild Bronzer Stick With Top Competitor

When the Wet n Wild Bronzer megaglo makeup stick with its top competitor, the MILK Makeup Matte Bronzer Stick, a few key differences emerge.

Firstly, in terms of application and versatility, the Wet n Wild portable makeup sticks offer a multi-use design that allows for concealing, highlighting, contouring, and adding a pop of color to the cheeks. Its precise application and easy control make it a practical choice.

On the other hand, the MILK Makeup Matte Bronzer Stick is specifically designed for sculpting and contouring with a matte and natural finish.

It can be used with or without foundation for a sun-kissed touch, and its twist tube design allows for easy application using a brush, sponge, or fingertips.

In terms of finish and ingredients, the Wet n Wild Bronzer Stick provides catwalk-ready cheekbones, flushed cheeks, or a glowy complexion in just one swipe. However, the specific ingredients are not mentioned.

On the other hand, the MILK Makeup Matte Bronzer Stick offers a matte and natural finish and contains nourishing plant-based mango butter and avocado oil to hydrate the skin for a glowy look.

Moreover, MILK Makeup's dedication to using good, effective ingredients shines through, as their products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's essential to remember that beauty comes from within, and makeup is just an accessory to accentuate your features. The art of makeup is a creative expression and a way to showcase your personality. So, whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a minimalist, remember to always love and embrace your unique self.

Is the Wet N Wild Bronzer Stick easy to use?

Yes, the Wet N Wild Bronzer Stick is easy to use. Its precise application and controlled design allows for smooth blending with minimal mess or fuss. It also offers a wide range of shades that can help you achieve a sun-kissed look in just one swipe!

Is the Wet N Wild Bronzer Stick suitable for all skin tones?

While the Wet N Wild Bronzer Stick does offer a range of shades, its limited shade range might not cater to all skin tones. If you have darker skin tones, we recommend finding concealer and contour shades that best match your individual skin tone for optimal results.

Is the Wet N Wild Bronzer Stick long lasting?

The Wet N Wild megaglo stick is designed to provide long-lasting wear, however, the formula quality can vary and affect its longevity.

To extend wear time, use a primer before applying it and set your makeup with a setting spray afterward. This will help ensure that your look lasts throughout the day.


The Wet n Wild Bronzer Stick is a versatile and convenient multi-use product that allows for quick and precise application with its easy-to-control design. With its range of shades, it helps to enhance your natural beauty and achieve a catwalk-ready look in no time.

When compared to its competitor, this budget-friendly option has all the features needed to create a flawless face, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy a quick and efficient makeup routine.

Now, go ahead and grab yours today so you can start showing off your gorgeous bronzer angles in style!