Finding a good body wash for kids who don't dry out their skin can be hard.

A lot of body washes for kids are loaded with harsh chemicals and detergents that can really dry out their skin.

We've done the research and found the 5 best body washes for kids that will keep their skin healthy and hydrated. These body washes are all-natural, organic, and free from harsh chemicals.

How We Choose the Best Body Wash for Kids

Finding the best body wash for kids can be tough because there are so many options available.

It seems like every other day, a new body wash hits the shelves, and it can be tough to figure out which one is best for your child.

We’ve read through thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the five best body washes for kids.

From gentle formulas that are perfect for newborns and toddlers to washes that are designed specifically for boys or girls, we’ve got you covered.

Best for Sensitive Hair & Skin

Aveeno Baby Bath Wash & Shampoo

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Why We Love It

Introducing Aveeno Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo, the perfect solution for keeping your little one feeling clean and refreshed.

The gentle cleansing formula is derived from natural oat extract, which helps nurture delicate skin and hair while providing ample hydration that won't leave it feeling dry or tight after a bath.

It creates a rich lather that makes bathing a breeze and leaves behind the most delightful fresh scent.

You can count on Aveeno to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable in its 33-fluid-ounce bottle size—made with an added layer of convenience for parents everywhere. It is the best kids body wash.

What You Should Know

Aveeno Baby Bath Wash & Shampoo is perfect for babies delicate skin.

Formulated with natural oat extract, this pH-balanced and hypoallergenic formula deliver maximum gentleness without any harsh elements like soap, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or Phenoxyethanol.

Pediatricians and dermatologists have recommended this trusted brand for decades, so you can rest assured that your baby’s skin is getting exactly what it needs.

And best of all, it contains a tear-free formula.

So, if you're looking for a gentle yet effective shampoo and wash for your little one, Aveeno Baby Bath Wash & Shampoo should be at the top of your list.

Best Body Wash With Essential Oils

Everyone 3-in-1 Kids Body Wash

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Why We Love It

Don't make your kids dread shower time. Everyone 3-in-1 Kids Body Wash will encourage them to get clean with a sweet, uplifting scent that evokes the bright nature of oranges.

The hint of lavender will also give them an energizing calm so they'll be ready for anything that comes their way. Plus, it's easy to rinse off and leaves behind a soft feeling on their skin.

So, give your kids a bubble bath time treat with Everyone 3-in-1 Kids Body Wash - because taking care of themselves never needs to be a chore. It is the best toddler body wash.

What You Should Know

Get ready to give your little ones a clean and refreshing experience with Everyone 3-in-1 Kids Body Wash.

This zesty do-it-all cleanser is powered by essential oil in a zesty orange scent.

Not only will it leave them feeling refreshed head to toe, but you will also have the peace of mind of knowing you're using a product that's not just EWG-verified and GMO-free but also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben free.

Get your kiddos ready for a bright refresh with Everyone 3-in-1 Kids Body Wash.

Best Organic Body Wash

Cetaphil Baby Wash

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Why We Love It

Keeping your baby's delicate skin and hair soft and clean doesn't have to be a challenge.

Cetaphil Baby Wash is here to help make that process easier with its tear-free 2-in-1 formula. It blends into a rich lather to gently leave skin feeling hydrated and moisturized.

This special wash helps retain the natural moisture of your baby's sensitive skin and hair, so it stays soothed and silky.

With Cetaphil Baby Wash, you can trust there's a safe solution for your little one. It is the best body wash for boys.

What You Should Know

Cetaphil Baby Wash is designed with your baby's sensitive skin in mind. Infused with the gentle, natural Calendula from the marigold flower, this wash helps soothe, moisturize and soften baby's skin while giving off a light and fresh scent.

It's dermatologist tested to make sure it's safe and gentle enough for your little one, plus it doesn't contain any parabens, colorants, or mineral oil that can be harsh on their delicate skin.

Relax knowing Cetaphil Baby Wash will take extra special care of your bundle of joy.

Best 3-in-1 Body Wash

SoCozy Kids Body Wash

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Why We Love It

SoCozy Kids Body Wash makes the perfect partner for your little one’s bathtime routine.

Not only will it gently clean and condition their hair, but it also scrubs away all the grime while special body cleansers do their thing.

Hydrating proteins blended with plant extracts add a silky shine that lasts - no need to worry about any dryness here.

Plus, you can even add SoCozy Kids Body Wash to hot running water for extra bubbles so they will be left feeling squeaky clean.

With daily needs in mind, this product is part of the SoCozy Essentials Collection, putting parents' minds at ease knowing their children are in good hands.

What You Should Know

SoCozy Kids Body Wash gives kids and parents the perfect formula to make their hair look and feel salon-quality without making things complicated or messy.

With a blend of Keratin, Vitamin B5, and Kiwi Extract, the wash is customized to strengthen, protect, soothe, nurture, hydrate, and soften all types of hair.

The combination of these ingredients creates a product that not only cleans but also conditions and moisturizes with gentle care. Kids will love how soft their hair feels after each use.

Best Exfoliating Body Wash

TBH Kids Body Wash

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Why We Love It

Looking for a new body wash to try? TBH Kids Body Wash from the makers of Fairy Tales hair wash products is sure to become your go-to.

Formulated with special attention towards nourishing and invigorating skin, this luxurious body wash gently exfoliates and refreshes with every use.

Plus, it's free from parabens and sulfates for an all-around gentle clean.

Try it out today for a refreshing bathing experience you won't soon forget.

What You Should Know

TBH Kids Body Wash is a great way to help your kids maintain healthy skin.

With natural ingredients like nettle, cedar bark, and citrus extracts, their formula helps to remove impurities without stripping the natural oils from the skin.

This body wash is especially beneficial for teenage skin since it can exfoliate, deep clean, and fight acne that's often caused or worsened by hormone imbalances.

Keep them looking their best - pick up a bottle of TBH Kids Body Wash today.

Best Body Wash for Kids - Buying Guide

As any parent knows, bathing kids can be a challenge. But you know what’s even harder? Trying to convince them that body wash is just as important.

After all—what kid wants to waste time in the shower scrubbing with something other than soap when they could be playing?

It’s no surprise that convincing your kids to use body wash can feel like an impossible task. Lucky for us, there are some easy steps you can take to make sure your kids have access to the best body wash out there.

Keep reading, and you’ll be well on your way toward helping your kids stay squeaky clean.

Make sure it’s gentle

It goes without saying that any product you choose for your children should be gentle enough not to irritate their sensitive skin.

Many body washes contain harsh chemicals and fragrances that can cause skin irritation, so always read the label carefully.

Look for products made with natural ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, or coconut oil which are known for their soothing properties.

Choose unscented or lightly scented

Even if a product is labeled as “gentle,” it doesn't mean it won't contain fragrances that could bother your child's skin.

To avoid this problem altogether, look for products specifically designed with unscented formulas or lightly scented ones with naturally scented essential oils such as lavender or chamomile.

Get hypoallergenic

If your child has allergies or sensitive skin, look for products labeled hypoallergenic, which means they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Hypoallergenic products typically contain fewer ingredients than other body washes, making them a great choice if you want something mild and gentle enough for everyday use.

Choose a pH-balanced formula

The pH of a product refers to how acidic or alkaline it is on a scale of 0-14 (with 7 being neutral).

A pH-balanced formula won't be too harsh on delicate skin and will help maintain the natural balance of oils and moisture in the skin after each wash. Make sure to check the label before buying.

Avoid artificial colors & preservatives

Artificial colors and preservatives can irritate sensitive skin, so try and find natural body washes without them whenever possible.

Natural ingredients like fruit extracts are often used instead of synthetic dyes, making them much safer for children's delicate skin.

Additionally, some brands may include additional vitamins or minerals like Vitamin E, which can help nourish and protect young skin from environmental damage caused by exposure to harsh elements like sun, wind, or cold weather.

Look for moisturizing formulas

Keeping young skin hydrated is essential for maintaining its softness and healthiness over time, so it's important to look for body washes specifically designed with moisturizing formulas such as shea butter or cocoa butter which can help lock in moisture after each wash.

Additionally, some brands may even include additional hydrating agents like glycerin or squalane, which provide extra hydration benefits throughout the day.

Consider natural/organic options

A natural body wash tends to have fewer chemicals than traditional formulas.

They're generally much gentler on young skin while still providing effective cleansing power thanks to plant-based ingredients like aloe vera extract and tea tree oil which both have antiseptic properties perfect for keeping bacteria at bay.

Best Body Wash for Kids - FAQs

Parents are always looking for the best body wash for their kids, but there are so many options available that it can be hard to decide which one to choose.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the best body washes for kids to help make your decision easier.

Can a 5 year old use regular body wash?

It is not recommended that a 5-year-old use regular body wash. A 5-year-old's skin is much more sensitive than an adult's skin, and the ingredients in regular body wash can be too harsh for a child's skin.

It is recommended that a child use a body wash that is specifically designed for children's delicate skin.

These body washes typically have fewer harsh chemicals and are pH-balanced to protect a child's sensitive skin.

How often should a 7 year old wash?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors, such as a child's activity level, body composition, and personal hygiene habits.

However, most pediatricians would recommend washing daily with body wash and water.

Can kids use bodywash?

Yes, kids can use body wash. It's important to choose a body wash that is gentle and unscented, as some kids may be sensitive to certain ingredients or fragrances.

It's also important to make sure that the body wash is pH-balanced, so it doesn't strip the skin of its natural oils.

How often should 5 year olds bathe?

It depends on the child's skin type and activity level. Some kids only need to bathe once a week, and others may need to bathe every day.

It's important to remember that bathing too often can dry out a child's skin, so be sure to use a gentle body wash and moisturize afterward.

What do you look for when choosing a body wash for your kids?

The main things to look for when choosing a body wash for kids are:

  • The body wash should be gentle and non-toxic so it doesn't cause any skin irritation or sensitivity.
  • It should be soap-free since soap can be harsh and dry on young skin.
  • It should be pH-balanced to help maintain the natural acidity of the skin's surface.

How do you find the right body wash for your child's skin type?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as different children have different skin types.

However, a good place to start is by reading the ingredients list on the body wash bottle and looking for a product that is free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, and other harsh irritants.

Another thing to keep in mind is that children's skin tends to be more sensitive than adults, so it's important to choose a body wash that is gentle enough for delicate skin. You can try fresh monster kids shampoo.

If you're not sure which brand or type of body wash is best for your child's skin type, you can always ask your pediatrician for advice.

Are there any specific ingredients that you avoid in body washes for kids?

There are a few ingredients that you may want to avoid when looking for a body wash for your kids. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES) are chemicals that can be irritating to the skin.

Parabens are another type of chemical preservative that has been linked to breast cancer.

You can find body washes without these ingredients, so it's important to read the labels before purchasing.

What are the benefits of using a good quality body wash on kids?

Using a good quality body wash on kids helps to protect their skin from the sun, bacteria, and other environmental pollutants. Kids' skin is much more delicate than adult skin and needs extra protection.

Good quality body washes often contain ingredients like vitamin E and aloe vera, which help to soothe and hydrate the skin. They also usually contain sunscreens to protect against UV radiation.

Best Body Wash for Kids

If you're like most other parents, being a parent means never having a moment to yourself. But just because you're constantly on the go doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your personal hygiene or that of your children.

With any of the 5 body washes for kids we've recommended, you can feel good knowing that you and your child are clean without spending a fortune or resorting to using grown-up products.

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself and your kid a break with one of these top-notch body washes today. Also, share your experience of using body washes for kids in the comments below.

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Mizzy, a beauty & fashion interested, has been sharing his expert knowledge for 4 years. He offers readers honest, grounded reviews on the latest trends.