Are you an avid pickleball player looking for a new pair of shoes?

We have listed the 10 best pairs of shoes to take your game to the next level. Our list includes high-performance footwear that have been designed specifically with pickleball players in mind, giving you maximum comfort and support on the court.

You'll be able to slip into these lightweight shoes with ease and enjoy plenty of breathability as you play - thanks to their mesh upper design - ideal for those hot summer days! They are also highly durable so will stand up to even your toughest matches without any problem.

Plus, they come in a range of stunning colors so you can look good while dominating every point. Visit our website now and check out our selection of top pickleball shoes! Let's get your winning streak started today!

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How We Choose the Best Pickleball Shoes

It can be hard to know which pickleball shoes are the best for you, especially if you’re new to the game.

With all of the different brands and models of pickleball shoes on the market, it can be tough to figure out which ones will work best for you. And if you’re a beginner, then it can be even harder to know what to look for in a pair of pickleball shoes.

We’ve done the hard work for you and read through thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the 10 best pickleball shoes. Our list includes top-rated brands to make your pickleball experience unforgettable.

Best For Anti-Odor Technology 

FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes

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Why We Love It

The brand-new design of casual pickleball shoes offers simple, yet effective full coverage for sports activities. The upper features fashionable mesh and super soft microfiber fabrics giving you a comfortable fit while adding an elegant touch to your appearance.

Not only is it fashionable but with our anti-odor technology and breathable materials, this shoe will keep your feet fresh and cool during any activity.

Additionally, the addition of the rubber sole offers superior traction and grip on any surface or terrain making it perfect for daily leisure sports.

What You Should Know

FitVille is the perfect solution for anyone with wider feet looking for comfort and durability. Their shoes provide enhanced freedom of movement as well as extra cushioning and support, so even intensive activities such as tennis won't be a problem.

Using an insole made of honeycomb Ortholite material and customizable dual-density EVA material, the shoe molds to your toes to ensure that there is no slipping or sliding when you walk or play.

In addition, they come with anti-torsion TPU rubber that acts like a shock absorber giving you unbeatable agility on the court, and ensuring that you can perform at your best without worrying about any discomfort.

Best For High Grip Shoes 

Condromly Lightweight Cushioning Pickleball Court Shoes

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Why We Love It

The Condromly court shoe is designed to take your court experience to the next level. With improved construction designs and ultralight materials used for the upper and sole, the overall weight of each shoe has been greatly reduced for maximum comfort and speed.

Plus, the full-length non-marking rubber outsole provides excellent traction and durability, so you can be confident in your grip on any surface.

An added bonus is the honeycomb-patterned groove outsole prints which further increase friction with the court surface. Your game will surely reach new heights with this pair of indoor pickleball shoes!

What You Should Know

For those who want to move quickly on the court, this self-developed UltraLite EVA foam midsole in these court shoes is a perfect choice. Not only does it effectively reduce weight for greater agility, but provides superior resilience and flexibility for added cushioning.

The ExVentile technology combines with the jacquard mesh of the upper to provide powerful breathability, keeping your feet comfortable and dry during any physical strenuous activity.

These shoes are specifically designed for various court sports: pickleball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, and even walking! Whether you're indoors or outdoors, these shoes will give you the power of movement on any court.

Best Rubber Sole Pickleball Shoes 

ASICS Men's Gel-Renma Pickleball Shoes

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Why We Love It

The ASICS Men's Gel-Renma Pickleball Shoes feature the perfect combination of support, comfort, and durability. Crafted with a combination of synthetic leather overlays and rubber soles, these best outdoor pickleball shoes provide an optimal playing experience.

Taking sustainability into consideration, they are equipped with a solution dye sock liner that helps reduce water usage by up to 90%. Now you can take part in your favorite game while helping the environment.

What You Should Know

TRUSSTIC technology is revolutionizing the way we run and exercise. Utilizing a wrap-up outsole, Flex grooves, and a wider gauge in the outsole, TRUSSTIC technology ensures our movements are smoother, more balanced, and ultimately more stable.

This technology helps prevent unnecessary foot pain that may be associated with running or other activities. By having improved flexibility in our outsoles, we can move through different kinds of terrain without being weighed down by bulky shoes.

Not only does TRUSSTIC technology provide comfort and balance when running or exercising but it also provides us with the support we need to take on any activity.

Best For Durability 

Python Deluxe Indoor Court Shoes

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Why We Love It

Python is making a bold move with their new shoe line! This line of footwear provides three stylish and functional options for those athletes looking to get the best performance on the court.

The Indoor Mid, Indoor Low, and Outdoor Low all feature high-end durability and comfort, created with the latest in racquetball and pickleball technologies.

Whether you're playing professionally or just having a casual game with friends, these shoes will help you maximize your athletic potential while also keeping you comfortable and stylish.

With Python's well know quality standards, these shoes are sure to be an instant hit with outdoor racquetball enthusiasts and crossover players alike.

What You Should Know

Shoe shopping can be intimidating when you’re looking for something that is lightweight and durable, but most importantly comfortable right out of the box. Finding a pair of shoes like this can seem impossible, but have no fear!

Whether you’re going shopping online or in-store, make sure to look for shoes that have a grip on the bottom so they stick to the floor well. That way, you know your feet will stay secure even when running errands or spending all day on your feet.

With a little bit of research and insight, you’ll be guaranteed to find a comfy, light pickleball shoe in no time!

Best For the Microfiber Upper 

EADNLY Men's Pickleball Shoes

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Why We Love It

Experience ultimate comfort and style with the rubber sole. It's a simple design, with no extra decoration, but in a range of colors so you can get exactly the look that you want. Furthermore, its features make it suitable for a variety of ball sports and other daily activities.

The breathable mesh and super soft microfiber upper create an adaptive fit as well as an anti-odor technology to keep your feet clean and cool no matter how intense the game gets. For extra protection during court play, shoelaces are perfect as everyone doesn't want any laning ones tripping them up during play.

What You Should Know

For the active athlete, a reliable pair of shoes that are equal parts comfortable and supportive is essential.

This is where a volleyball shoe for men comes in: made with non-marking, ultra-light natural rubber to offer excellent gripping and durability, uniquely designed rear foot support, as well as highly elastic memory foam insoles to cushion your every step.

Moreover, they are suitable for various daily occasions and any level of indoor or outdoor sports such as tennis, pickleball, badminton, squash, golf joggers running—the possibilities really are endless.

Best to Prevent Toe-Dragging 

K-Swiss Women's Express Light Pickleball Shoe

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Why We Love It

The 100% Synthetic imported rubber sole of this shoe has been designed to provide unmatched durability and protection. Crafted with a high-density outsole material, it guarantees to significantly reduce the amount of wear and tear that may occur during strenuous activities.

Additionally, the use of extra lines of defense help ensure maximum support and keeps excessive toe-dragging at bay. With this shoe, you are promised all-day comfort and reliable performance no matter what kind of activity you take on!

What You Should Know

Create a healthy, comfortable experience with the 180-degree thermal plastic Plantar Support Chassis. With enhanced mid-foot stability, OrthoLite foam allows for a one-of-a-kind moisture management system focusing on moving away moisture and providing cooler, drier climates for your shoes.

This innovative technology is also located in the high-wear areas of the heel and toe allowing for optimal abrasion resistance. Take a step forward into modern wellness with this unique thermal plastic design.

Best For the Lightweight Design 

Feethit Women Non Slip Tennis Shoes

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Why We Love It

These mesh running shoes provide a quality and tailored fit to keep your feet comfortable and moving as you like. Their light weight provides for maximum agility and flexibility, allowing for smoother turns, jumps, and other athletic movements.

The breathable upper allows for sweat to evaporate away quickly, keeping feet dry, which is essential if you're playing active sports or even just out running errands on a hot day.

The midfoot strike promotes balance by having the weight distributed equally along the foot which is important in preventing injuries while also providing the comfort associated with mesh running shoes.

What You Should Know

The perfect pair of shoes for running, cardio, and beyond! These stylish workout sneakers feature a lightly cushioned collar and tongue to provide total ankle support.

The unique non-slip outsole is made from highly stretchable and soft rubber that distributes the impact evenly throughout your gait cycle, giving you smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

So, no matter where your day takes you, these versatile fashion sneakers are designed to keep you comfortable for any occasion - running errands, gym workouts, walking, or even a game of tennis!

Best Shock Absorption Capabilities 

Wonesion Womens Walking & Running Shoes

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Why We Love It

Mesh is becoming a popular material for fashion and sporting items alike. Made from knitted fabric, the lightweight support of mesh maximizes the upper to provide enough room for breathability. This ensures that your foot always remains dry and cool, no matter what you’re doing or wearing.

For added benefit, mesh soles can be made with hollow carved technology for superior stability and optimal shock absorption during sports activities. With features like these, it's easy to see why Mesh is quickly becoming a favorite among fashionistas and athletes alike!

What You Should Know

The perfect combination of form and function is finally here - the insole with honeycomb hole design. Not only stylish and airy, with an all-match color scheme, it's also incredibly strong and breathable to ensure complete protection for your feet.

Unlike traditional designs, the special honeycomb pattern ensures optimal balance, cushioning both your ankles and feet from potential injury while looking great. It's quickly becoming the preferred choice among athletes - thanks to its simple yet effective style.

Get ready to revolutionize your footwear wardrobe with this revolutionary new design!

Best For Proper Ventilation 

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Shoes

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Why We Love It

If you're looking for a footwear option that is comfortable, breathable and flexible, fabric-and-synthetic rubber sole shoes are an excellent choice. The breathable mesh upper helps keep your feet cool during any activity by providing proper ventilation.

Additionally, the flexibility of the fabric and synthetic materials makes the shoes durable and able to adapt to different movements with ease. Whether wearing these shoes for walking or running, you can trust them to keep up with you while remaining comfortable and breathable.

What You Should Know

Finding the right pair of shoes can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. With special features such as a roomy toe box and front rolling forefoot design, shoes from this collection provide excellent comfort and stability while allowing for better blood circulation.

Plus, you'll receive an added bonus with every purchase when you receive a free pair of podiatrist-grade CorrectiveFit orthotic insoles. These insoles are designed to provide all-day support by correcting your body alignment while providing relief from plantar fascii - all at no extra cost.

Best Shoes For Arch Support 

Mishansha Women's Walking Shoes

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Why We Love It

With the changing seasons, it's important to invest in shoes that are well-crafted and can handle any conditions. These imported walking shoes are perfect for those who want to be comfortable yet sturdy on their feet.

The upper is made of high-quality mesh fabric for breathable comfort and the sole is crafted with soft TPR and an Oxford patch for added slip-resistance and wear-resistant protection.

Not only will you get a comfortable experience from your new durable shoe, but you'll also have extra assurance in knowing the solid construction will help you stay sure on your feet no matter where you go.

What You Should Know

Arch support and air cushion combined in these women's tennis shoes offer the perfect balance for active lifestyles. For those suffering from plantar fasciitis or Achilles pain, the arch support is designed to provide just the right amount of supportive relief for your feet.

Meanwhile, air cushion technology in the heel area ensures shock absorbance and fatigue-free calves, even after a long day on your feet.

Whether your preferred recreational activity is running, training, walking, climbing, hiking, jogging, workout, or fitness – or you merely appreciate the stylish design of these athletic shoes as your go-to pair for shopping trips and dog walks – you are sure to appreciate this blend of comfort, style, and function.

Best Pickleball Shoes Buying Guide

Pickleball is an enjoyable and fast-paced game for all ages. To ensure that you are enjoying the game to its fullest, it is important to have the right footwear. The following guide will provide you with key criteria when it comes to choosing the best pickleball shoes:


A good pair of pickleball shoes should be lightweight and comfortable, with enough cushioning to absorb impact while still giving lots of grip on court surfaces.


Look for arch support and midsole stability, as well as a heel counter to provide better lateral movement support during quick changes in direction.


Select shoes made from breathable materials so your feet don’t get too hot, but also make sure they are durable enough to last through many games of pickleball.

Outsole Grip

Ensure that the shoe’s outsole has plenty of grips so you can maintain control on the court surface when moving from side to side or stopping quickly.

Good Looks

Of course, finding a pair of pickleball shoes that you love the look of is important too!

Best Pickleball Shoes FAQ

You're considering buying a new pair of pickleball shoes, but you're not sure which ones to buy.

There are a lot of different pickleball shoes on the market, and it can be hard to decide which ones are right for you.

We've compiled a list of the 10 best pickleball shoes based on expert reviews, customer feedback, and our own research. Read our FAQ section to learn more about each shoe and find the perfect pair for your needs.

What type of shoe is best for pickleball?

When choosing outdoor pickleball shoe, the key is to find a pair that provides comfort and stability. Look for shoes that have a low center of gravity, flexible sole material, and good cushioning in order to provide support during intense matches.

Cross-training sneakers are typically preferred as they are lightweight, provide good lateral support, and offer plenty of breathability. Shoes with rubber outsoles offer great traction so you won't slip while serving or volleying around the court.

Additionally, look out for extra features like built-in arch supports or additional heel padding which can add extra comfort during long games. All in all, finding the right shoe depends on your individual needs; make sure to try on different pairs until you find something perfect!

Should I wear basketball or tennis shoes for pickleball?

Pickleball shoes should have good traction and support, so it is best to wear shoes specifically designed for pickleball. Regular tennis or basketball shoes may not provide the grip and support you need when playing pickleball. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase shoes specifically made for pickleball.

What kind of tennis shoes do you wear for pickleball?

Pickleball shoes are designed differently than regular tennis shoes, as they provide more cushioning and support. Hence, it is recommended to not wear tennis shoes for pickleball. They also have a thicker sole with a good grip, which helps to prevent slipping on the court. It is important to find pickleball shoes that fit properly and provide adequate arch support.

Do you need special shoes for pickleball?

Yes, special shoes are recommended for pickleball. Regular sneakers may not provide enough support and grip on the court surface, resulting in discomfort or difficulty when making quick moves. Pickleball shoes are designed to offer greater comfort, stability, and grip for an optimal pickleball experience.

Are running shoes OK for pickleball?

You should not wear running shoes for pickleball, as they may not have enough cushioning or grip for the court surface. It is recommended to choose a pair of dedicated pickleball shoes, such as viper court pickleball shoe for optimal comfort, support, and performance.


With so many different elements to consider in the search for the outdoor pickleball shoes, it is essential to take time to research and compare your options. We have done the legwork for you by spending hours reviewing thousands of customer reviews on Amazon and narrowing down our selection to the 10 best pickleball shoes available.

Whether you are looking for comfort, durability, or budget-friendly options, we are sure our list contains a pickleball shoe that is suitable for your needs. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a perfect pair of pickleball shoes today!

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A trusted PharmaD, she combines health expertise with style for honest reviews. Member of Belle Beauties since '22, she loves history and testing cosmetics off-duty.