Is your hair feeling a little dull and lifeless?

Neutrogena clarifying shampoo is specially formulated with salicylic acid to help cleanse away product build-up, dirt, oils, and impurities that can leave your scalp itchy and uncomfortable. Refresh your hair while gently cleansing for healthier looking hair you'll love.

With just one use of the clarifying shampoo, feel your hair come back to life as every strand feels revitalized. Plus, this non-irritating formula won't strip or dry out, leaving all the healthy, nourishing ingredients in each strand. Enjoy soft tangle-free locks that are full of life every day!

Features of Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo

Best to Boost Volume

Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo

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The Neutrogena anti residue shampoo is specifically designed to remove up to 90% of heavy, dulling residue caused by shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. With its powerful formulation, this shampoo effectively eliminates build-up, leaving your hair feeling refreshed and clean.

Boosts Volume

In addition to clarifying your hair, this shampoo also helps boost volume. By instantly rinsing away build-up, it creates a clean foundation for your favorite daily shampoo to work even better. Experience fuller and more voluminous hair with the help of this anti-residue clarifying shampoo.

Non-Irritating Formula

This clarifying shampoo features a non-irritating formula that gently cleanses your hair without causing any discomfort or scalp irritation. It is suitable for all hair types and even gentle enough for color-treated hair, ensuring a safe and enjoyable cleansing experience.

Once-a-Week Treatment

Unlike regular shampoos, the Neutrogena clarifying shampoo is meant to be used only once a week. By incorporating this weekly treatment into your hair care routine, you can effectively remove heavy build-up and prevent bad hair days. Enjoy thoroughly cleansed hair that feels light and revitalized.

Mild and Gentle

The gentle and mild formula of this clarifying shampoo makes it suitable for everyone.

Whether you have dry, normal or oily hair, this shampoo will provide a thorough cleanse without stripping away essential oils. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to maintain the health and vitality of their hair.

With the Neutrogena clarifying shampoo, you can say goodbye to dull, weighed-down hair. Experience the benefits of this weekly treatment and achieve cleaner, more voluminous hair that looks and feels amazing.

Pros of Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo

  • It effectively removes buildup from hair styling products and environmental pollutants.
  • Works well for swimmers to remove chlorine or other pool chemicals.
  • It is dermatologist recommended to remove hair build up
  • The formula is non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog pores.

Cons of Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo

  • Some users might find the scent too strong or not to their liking.
  • If used too frequently, it may potentially dry out hair.
  • It does not have a conditioning effect, so a separate conditioner is needed post-use.
  • It may fade color on dyed hair faster than color-safe shampoos.

Comparison of Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo With Top Competitors

In this section, we will compare Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo with its top competitor, Olaplex. Both products aim to remove build-up and clarify the hair, but they have some key differences in their formulations and benefits.

Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo

Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo is a non-irritating shampoo that helps remove up to 90% of heavy residue caused by shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. It gently cleanses the hair and boosts volume by instantly rinsing away build-up. Hence, it promotes healthy scalp.

This shampoo is recommended for all hair types, including color-treated hair. Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo is designed to be used once a week to improve the efficacy of your regular daily shampoo.

Olaplex Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo

Olaplex Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo, also known as Olaplex No.4C, is an advanced clarifying shampoo that specifically targets the removal of damaging impurities from the environment, hair products, and daily life.

It aims to restore airy volume, softness, shine, and vibrant color clarity to the hair. Additionally, it deeply cleanses the scalp and improves the results of your hair repair routine. Olaplex Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo is sulfate-free and pH balanced to maintain hydration.

Key Differences


Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo has a gentle and mild formula, making it suitable for all hair types, including color-treated hair.

On the other hand, Olaplex Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo is designed specifically to remove damaging impurities and improve the overall health and appearance of the hair.


While both products aim to clarify and remove build-up, they offer different additional benefits.

Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo helps boost volume and stop bad hair days, whereas Olaplex Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo focuses on restoring airy volume, softness, shine, and vibrant color clarity.


Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo is intended to be used once a week to enhance the effectiveness of your regular daily shampoo.

On the contrary, Olaplex Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo can be used as part of your regular hair repair routine to improve results.


Olaplex Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo is sulfate-free, which can be beneficial for those with sensitive scalps or those who prefer sulfate-free products. Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo does not specify whether it is sulfate-free.

In conclusion, both Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo and Olaplex Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo offer effective options for removing build-up and clarifying the hair. However, their formulations, benefits, and specific usage recommendations set them apart.

It is important to consider your individual hair needs and preferences when choosing between these two products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Neutrogena clarifying shampoo.

Does Neutrogena clarifying shampoo work?

Absolutely! Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo has been one of the most popular products in the beauty industry for over 10 years, and with good reason.

It is designed to help remove build-up of oils and product residue from hair, restoring it to its natural balance while still being gentle on delicate strands.

Clinically proven to get rid of impurities, Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo works by using a special combination of surfactants that work together to target oil and dirt particles that have accumulated over time.

This results in visible improvements for damaged and dry hair, making them hydrated and nourished again. In addition, this shampoo also helps prevent further buildup and restore shine back into your locks.

How often can I use Neutrogena clarifying shampoo?

Neutrogena clarifying shampoo can be used 1-2 times per week. The best way to determine the frequency of use for you is to look at your hair type and scalp health—if you have oily scalp with flat hair, or thick, curly, and dryhair then it’s ok to use this shampoo once a week.

If on the other hand, your hair is normal in texture but prone to buildup or if your scalp tends to become irritated easily then it's better to stick using clarifying shampoo once every two weeks.

It’s important not overuse Neutrogena clarifying shampoo since repeated usage can strip away essential oils from both your hair and scalp leading to premature drying that can afterward lead fragile strands that are more prone breakage and split ends.

Which clarifying shampoo is best?

The best clarifying shampoo for you really depends on your scalp's individual needs and preferences. Here are a few factors to consider before making a purchase:

pH Level: A good clarifying shampoo should have a balanced pH level of between 4.5 - 7, which is the range most closely matching the natural level of your scalp (approximately 5). If the shampoo is too acidic or alkaline it can be overly drying and damaging to hair.

Sulfates: Some shampoos contain sulfates like sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate, which can strip away beneficial oils from your skin and weaken your strands by leaving them brittle. Look for shampoos that don't contain these harsh ingredients or opt for one labeled 'sulfate-free' instead.

Natural Ingredients: It's always best to look out for clarifying shampoos with natural ingredients like aloe vera, honey extract, coconut oil, hydrogenated castor oil, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil etc., as these are known to nourish and protect hair without stripping away essential oils from your scalp as well as providing other benefits such as healing irritation/inflammation.

Overall there isn't a single 'perfect' choice when it comes down choosing the right clarifying shampoo; every person's needs will be different so do some research beforehand and explore products with favorable reviews so that you can find one tailored specifically towards yours!


Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo is a highly effective and good shampoo for those looking to remove build-up from their hair.

Its gentle formulation is suitable for all hair types, including color-treated hair, and can be used once a week to enhance the effectiveness of your regular daily shampoo. The product has gained popularity and trust in the beauty industry over the past decade for good reason.

It is not only efficient in cleansing but also helps restore the natural balance of hair, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking improved hair health and appearance. So, what are you waiting for? Get your clarifying shampoo now.

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Author Nisha Zahid

A trusted PharmaD, she combines health expertise with style for honest reviews. Member of Belle Beauties since '22, she loves history and testing cosmetics off-duty.

A trusted PharmaD, she combines health expertise with style for honest reviews. Member of Belle Beauties since '22, she loves history and testing cosmetics off-duty.